Deep Feet Massage (Ashiatsu)

Ashiatsu means "foot pressure."  This technique is a deep relaxing treatment!  The massage therapist's body weight is used to press, sweep, swirl and relax the muscles!

Follow up care for Deepfeet Bar Therapy®

After receiving 60 minutes of this technique, your back muscles will be very supple and the chances of injury are greater.  Please take the following precautions for the first 48 hours after receiving a massage.


  • Sit for long periods of time in a hard chair.
  • Lift heavy objects, such as children over 35 pounds, cement bags, barbells.  
  • Do not perform any heavy yard work or housework.
  • Be very careful of your work out at the gym within the first 48 hours after a massage.
  • Engage in any contact sports or those that involve twisting.
  • Drink heavy alcohol within first 24 hours.  You may experience a "lactic acid hangover" due to dehydration coupled with the deep compression work.  It is better to hydrate and rest


  • Drink lots of water!
  • Passive stretching.  Do not bounce!
  • Wear back or neck support if your work requires rough activity daily.
  • Treat yourself to hot sauna, steam room or hot tub.
  • Apply Prossage® Heat or Biofreeze® on lower lumbar area.  Find which heating or cooling product works best for your particular symptoms of pain.
  • You can also lie on floor with legs up on chair or sofa. 


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